When a Full Scooter restoration comes into the workplace, the basic things that we do are:

  • The restoration begins by the Scooter being fully dismantled into every nut and bolt and carefully stored.
  • Body work is then thoroughly cleaned and Grit blasted back to bare metal.
  • Any minor repairs are then carried out.
  • The body is etched primed and then painted using 2PK paint either to the authentic original colour or a colour of your choice.
  • Engine and mechanical components are completely dismantled, replaced or repaired according to their condition. Engine cases can be polished or bead blasted according to your specification. We use top quality Italian and German bearings and oil seals which ensure quality and reliability.
  • All cables, wiring, switches are replaced with new ones.
  • We generally fit 12Volt electronic ignition to every bike unless the customer prefers to maintain originality and  keep the 6Volt System.
  • Whilst the bike is being restored, we are happy for you to come and view its progress at any stage.
  • All work that we do is guaranteed for 3 months.